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Dyson Vacuum

What set’s Dyson Vacuum Cleaners apart from other options?

Attachments- One of the thing that sets Dyson vacuum cleaner apart from others is the variety of attachments that come with the cleaners.  There are specific attachments that are meant for certain jobs, such as your stairs.  Stairs can be difficult to clean because they are wide, but not long.

Ball technology- Another classic feature that sets Dyson vacuum cleaner apart from other brands is the ball technology.  In addition to looking cool, the ball technology makes it easy for you to move your vacuum cleaner around.  This could be perfect for older people who have a hard time cleaning.  Bonus* unlike other pet hair vacuums, the Dyson animal is also suitable for long human hair.  For anyone who has ever had a lot of hair, you know that your hair can clog the filter and destroy the vacuum cleaner.  This will never happen with your Dyson vacuum cleaner, and if it does- you will probably have a 5 year warranty on the product (depending on which Dyson you choose).  If you want to know more about the best vacuum cleaners, read these vacuum reviews.

Pet Hair- If you are someone who has a furry friend, you might want to consider a Dyson vacuum cleaner.  Their animal cleaner line is specifically meant for people who have pets to clean up after.

Modern Look- Dyson Vacuum cleaners also come in a super modern look.  These are definitely different than the big and ugly traditional vacuum cleaners that represent the cleaners from the 90’s.  In addition to the sleek chrome looking style, the cleaners often include a fun pop of color- like purple.

Slim Cleaners- If the upright is too big and powerful for your needs, there are also slim options.  The benefit of slim cleaners is that they fit well into small spaces.  If you are someone who lives in a dorm or small apartment, this could be very important.  You can easily place it into your closet without it taking up barely any space.

Other things that you should know about the brand

Dyson does more than just make vacuum cleaners.  They also make fans and heaters that can evenly distribute the air.  The fact that they are bladeless makes them super safe for children also.  You won’t ever have to worry about your little one reaching into the fan and cutting their fingers.  Another product that this brand makes is bladeless hand dryers.  These are awesome products because they are great for the environment.